How to Triumph Over Temptation

Scripture: Luke 4

In this weekend’s service, Pastor Rich preached on the topic of triumphing over temptation. As followers of Jesus we are constantly tempted by the enemy to exist for ourselves instead of for Christ and the world around us. Drawing from Luke chapter 4 he outlined the temptations that we face and when we face them. Whether in times of great success or great failure, the human heart is tempted to self-reliance apart from God. Satan always tempts us in our areas of need by trying to confuse us into thinking that God can not or will not meet those needs. However God leads people into the desert to restore their love for him and prepare them for the task He has assigned them. We can triumph over these temptations by obeying God in the present, slowing down our lives, responding with God’s word and allowing others to strengthen us in fellowship.