Pastors Residency Program

February 12, 2020

In the spring of 2019, Vineyard Columbus engaged in a capital campaign titled “The Story Continues”. The Lord blessed the campaign and we received $13 million in pledges to fund four new initiatives in the coming years.  

New Campuses 

Over the next 10 years, Vineyard Columbus plans to start five new campuses in the central Ohio area, bringing our total number of campuses to 10. 

New Leaders 

To lead new campuses and to plant new churches, we are starting a Pastors Residency Program to raise up new leaders. 

New Missionaries 

We are committed to bring the gospel message not only to audiences in Central Ohio, but around the world, especially to Muslim and secular audiences. We have 22 international workers on the field in 10 countries and as a result of the campaign we have already sent out 3 new workers in the last six months. 

New Buildings 

Part of the money that was raised is going to renovate existing spaces (East Campus and Cooper Road) and to build or renovate spaces for our future campus launches. 

When will the residency program start? 

In September 2020, our Pastors Residency Program will launch. Our plan is to have a two year program led by our senior pastor, Rich Nathan. We’ll either do three cohorts with four residents or two cohorts with six residents. Our plan is to train 12 new pastors over the next four to six years. The residency program is a full-time paid position with benefits. The salary and benefits are competitive with the best residency programs in America. 

What kind of person are we looking for? 

The kind of person we want to apply to this program is someone who feels called to be a point person/senior leader of either a Vineyard Columbus campus or Vineyard Columbus church plant. We’re not looking for people who are just starting out in ministry. Rather, we’re looking for men and women who have an established track record of ministry and leadership, either in a church setting or in a parachurch setting. The residency program is more of a finishing school than it is a school for those just starting in ministry. 

What are the components of the residency program? 

There are going to be four basic components to the residents’ experience: 

Hands On Ministry: Residents will have an opportunity to hone their ministry skills by serving at one of our campuses under the direct supervision of the campus pastor. In that capacity, the resident will have the opportunity to: lead outreaches; build ministry teams; recruit, train, deploy, monitor and nurture volunteers and occasionally preach. Residents will also have the opportunity to be trained to perform typical pastoral duties such as weddings, funerals and hospital visits. 

Rotate through Vineyard Columbus’ extensive array of Ministries: Residents will have the opportunity to learn what they need to know as senior leaders about building and sustaining healthy children and youth ministries; a small group system; support and recovery ministry; marriage and family ministry; strong operations and financial control systems, justice and mercy ministries, etc. 

Mentoring in Leadership and Theology: Part of the time that residents will spend each week will be with Rich to dialogue about leadership topics, to be mentored in preaching and to discuss a variety of key theological issues. 

Personal and Spiritual Formation: A major part of the residency program will focus upon building up the souls of the residents so that they may enjoy long-term healthy, sustainable ministry and marriages. Ministry is hard on marriages and families. If a resident is married, we want to help them to strengthen their marriages and families for the long haul. And we want to strengthen a resident’s personal walk with God via group and individual spiritual direction. 

How can someone apply? 

Applications for the residency program will be online at at the beginning of January. If you or someone you know is called and gifted to be the senior leader/point person of a Vineyard Columbus campus or church plant, we would love to have you or them apply.